Smart Parents Brighter Kids


ISBN:  978-983-3364-88-6
Author: Zaid Mohamad
Publisher: True Wealth Publishing

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The book that started it all! Bestsellers and reprinted three times, reviewed by readers as “5 stars”, “Loaded with tips”, “Can’t put it down”, “It’s my key reference now”, “Awesome”, and “Deeply touched my heart.”

A book that addresses parental issues based on proven strategies. It is written by one parent to another, featuring the day-to-day matters that parents will instantly connect to. This book is a timely released masterpiece, a well-balanced formula amidst our search to be a human-parent. It has revisited many basic but salient points of parenting, among others, the long forgotten substances – ‘to love and to be loved’.

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Zaid Mohamad



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