8 Fs of MCO

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IT’s been almost a month since the government enforced the Movement Control Order (MCO). We’re almost there but the fight against Covid-19 will go on. In the meantime, let’s look at some unique experiences that we’ve experienced in the past few weeks. I’ve compiled them in an “eight F” format.


This is the big one as most families have been spending time together more than ever. This could either be good or bad, depending on how this situation has been approached. The positive ones would’ve used this opportunity to strengthen the family bond. Unfortunately, there’s also been reports of family fights breaking out in the neighbourhood.


This would have been the biggest worry for most people. Would their business withstand the post-MCO economic pressure? Would they still have jobs? No one knows for sure. For now, the most we can do is stretch our finances as much as possible. Be wise and patient with our spending. Educate ourselves with financial knowledge. Don’t fall victim to unscrupulous people and traders.


By nature of the order, we’ve had to drastically change our lifestyle. While we were free to roam the streets before, now the furthest we can go is 10 kilometres from home. Even then, we need a valid reason. Fortunately, most people aren’t complaining as they know that it’s for their own good.


Social media channels have been bombarded with pictures of delicious food. People have become more creative and are cooking and baking. The difficulty to get sliced bread, something we’ve taken for granted, has forced people to bake their own. I also took the challenge of baking our own bread. The experience was priceless.


However, all that delicious food has posed a threat to health. With limited freedom, we’re also limited in exercise choices. We can only do so indoors. Yet, this shouldn’t be an excuse. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Besides exercising, many families have found new ways to have fun together, especially those with very young children. I’ve seen videos of parents creating fun games using household items with their kids.


Deep down, we know that uncertainties await even after the MCO is lifted. The virus threat will always be there. Social distancing will be a norm. The way we do business will be different as too how we carry out our duties and jobs. Things may never be the same.


Fortunately, we have the most important “F” of all — faith. This too shall be overcome. Human beings have shown amazing strengths to overcome challenges. As long as we remain positive, things will get better. We’re already blessed with dedicated and selfless frontiers. We rarely thank the police, army and other security personnel. We’ve taken our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers for granted before. But now we know, they’re the true heroes that the world needs.

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