Ramadan of a different kind

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EVERY year, Malaysians from all walks of life look forward to the holy month of Ramadan.

For Muslims — and non-Muslims alike — this month is special. It’s the time when all sorts of food not normally available during other times of the month make their grand appearance at numerous Ramadan bazaars.

Many also look forward to the mouthwatering buffet spread in nice restaurants and hotels.

But this isn’t going to happen this year as the government has banned all Ramadan bazaars due to the current pandemic.

But is all lost? Is Ramadan only about food, extensive buka puasa buffet spreads and Hari Raya sales?

In the modern commercial world? Maybe. However, Covid-19 has given us the opportunity to view things from a different perspective. There are many more intangible spirits of Ramadan that one can impart to another.


The MCO (Movement Control Order) has presented us with an opportunity to do things differently this year.

No bazaar? No problem! Grab this chance to sharpen our cooking and baking skills. Many parents are beginning to do this.

The past few days has seen social media abuzz with parents trading Ramadan recipes with each other. They have even listed them down by day for each of the fasting day.

This is extremely helpful as it provides that much-needed motivation and inspiration. At least parents don’t need to think about what to cook on any particular day. They just have to do it.

By doing so, they’re also saving a lot of money while ensuring that only the best ingredients are used to cook for their beloved family.


What’s better than cooking at home? It’s cooking at home with the help of the children! This is a very smart strategy because the cooking time can also double up as bonding time.

Everyone can get involved, from the little ones to the dads. Cooking is a long process and surely there’s something for everyone to do. It begins with sorting, cutting, washing, blending and cooking, before serving and washing the dishes.

The kitchen will buzz with activities every afternoon. Along the way, there’ll be plenty of teasing and laughter. This is the stuff that sweet memories are made of. The whole family can and will be reunited via food.

Use these sessions to impart teamwork, sense of responsibility as well as family bonding. Mums and dads can prepare the ingredients while the kids can help with the mixing and cooking. Not only do we avoid wastages, we can also have lots of fun.

While we’re still unsure of what the rest of 2020 will bring, we’re already assured of one thing. This Ramadan is different. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t make the best of it.

Just remain positive and be creative. For all we know, this could be the most memorable Ramadan for years to come.

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